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Software solutions, IT security and uncompromising IT consultancy
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Services and products

Like in a science fiction movie, we have created a set of optimized solutions and procedures designed to form a safe and reliable working environment .

Our goal is to also to increase the awareness of our customers about the dangers of the IT world and the methods used in IT security.

For this reason we have structured a simple path in which the customer can expose his IT situation, giving us the opportunity to apply our method.

How can I know and improve my IT situation?

  1. Contact us to get a free and non-binding appointment with our technicians, also available via web call (you need just a browser)
  2. Make yourself available in the appointment to answer some questions (we will compile a checklist for you, lasting about 25/35 minutes), maybe also involving your trusted technician
  3. We will then develop a personalized resolutive quote starting from the problems that emerged from the inspection, divided into risk factors (from the most critical to the less serious) or keeping in mind your requests and/or needs.

You will be free to choose the path, and therefore the Modules, which you consider most useful and functional for your Business.

Illustration of a particular spacecraft that serves as a probe and search system

IT Consultancy

The provision of our IT consulting service is available in two solutions: the Intelligence Module, the most extensive and flexible solution that allows you to obtain solutions aimed at various requests; the Vita Module instead is designed to improve and optimize your office and specifically workstations.

It is possible to schedule periodic and maintenance appointments, obtain support for problems involving the use of the computer and for the configuration of various services and servers as well as being able to know our opinion in the face of certain technical choices.

Discover the services
Illustration of a particular spacecraft that serves as a probe and search system

Illustration of a rover for checking the defence perimeter


In informative technology, hardening is the process of securing a system that reduces its vulnerable surfaces.

Reducing the available attack modes typically includes changing default passwords, adding systems of two-factor authentication, removing software and/or services, usernames or unnecessary logins ...

For us, security is a process, which also passes through the training of the individual, and not a simple product.

Check out our defence systems

Illustration of a space probe


The use of simple and efficient communication systems is a priority today to increase the productivity of every type of business, to simplify operations and increase the engagement of one's workforce. Being able to make communication systems available even on the move is an even more urgent need in the current scenario of digital business, increasingly characterized by remote working and social collaboration.

Improve your communications
Illustration of a space probe

Photo of a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

Black hole

Black Hole is a hardware system for blocking trackers, malware, ransomware, porn, spam, scam, cryptomining, fraud, fake-news, gambling, adware and advertising, through a server application that acts as a DNS sinkhole and optionally with server DHCP.

Intended for use on a private network (Intranet), it is designed with low-power devices with high network capacity, such as the Raspberry Pi.

Black Hole has the capacity therefore to block traditional website advertisements and cyber threats on any device connected to the network on which it is installed.

Contact us to find out more!

Here's how to contact us!

Getting information or learning more about our modules is really simple:

1. Contact us to get a free appointment with our technicians
2. Make yourself available in this appointment for a free checklist, perhaps even involving your trusted technician
3. We will then elaborate a personalized resolutive estimate using the information that emerged from the inspection, divided into risk factors (from the most critical to the less serious) or by the needs exposed (services, configurations, requests).

You will therefore be free to evaluate and choose from the Modules proposed, the one you consider to be the best situation for you, always taking into account any risk factors reported.

Finally, you can contact us by sending an email

If you want to experiment with new technologies, you can also contact us in the Fediverse or on the Matrix! Our links in the footer.


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