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The software we believe in.

We consider the Hacker ethics to be part of the foundations in software development, even in the most "hidden" or dedicated to specific areas.
We therefore support projects that concern free software, starting from the BIOS, the heart of every PC up to distributed content (such as multimedia), trying to sensitize people and companies to the use of free software by eliminating the so-called "trap" software such as DRM.

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Software is contained even in the most hidden parts, invisible to our eyes. The details in this case make a big difference.

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The free as in freedom software

Progress has always made use of knowledge. Today the world needs software to move forward and this needs to be freely distributed to keep knowledge free.

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Being authors, being artists, makes us an integral part of culture. However, DRMs eliminate the rights that users and authors have on their works, making the efforts of sharing and free diffusion useless.

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