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Passionate, professional and assertive

We want to go beyond the allure of technological progress, we want people to be able to turn it into emotions and make it their own. This is why we give great priority to free, ethical products and training.

Our commitment is aimed at improving and strengthening the software and IT security landscape through the training and growth of the individual; this makes us feel part of progress in the strictest sense.

«Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.»

Who we are and what we believe in

We want to start with a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt:
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"

We believe we can see a day when each of us will be an integral part of civilization not only as a resource, but as a man.
This is why we are constantly engaged in the world of free software at various levels, we train young people in this sense and we make the communities participate in our results.

Here is the staff

Portrait photo of Claudio Maradonna
Claudio Maradonna

Unitoo founder and developer.
He enters the world of software at the age of 13 and from there he begins his adventure in the GNU/Linux world, between an overclock and the other.

Today he develops mainly with Ruby and Rails. He has a weakness for C++ <3

Portrait photo of Lorenzo Tucci
Lorenzo Tucci

 Compiling yamabiiko v0.1.0 (file:///projects/unsafe-yamabiiko)
error[E0133]: call to yamabiiko is unsafe and requires unsafe function or block
--> src/main.rs:4:5
4 | dangerous();
| ^^^^^^^^^^^ call to unsafe function
= note: consult the function's documentation for information on how to avoid undefined behavior

error: aborting due to previous error

For more information about this error, try `rustc --explain yamabiiko`.
error: could not compile `unsafe-example`

To learn more, run the command again with --verbose.

Portrait photo of Simone Capparucci
Simone Capparucci

Non andartene docile in quella buona notte,
i vecchi dovrebbero bruciare e delirare al serrarsi del giorno;
infuria, infuria, contro il morire della luce.
Dylan Thomas, Poesie (Torino, Einaudi 1965)

Portrait photo of Angelo "Sydro"
Angelo "Sydro"

System Design & Automation expert, as DevOps creates customized systems for its customers, using the most modern automation and continuous building techniques. Militant in the SaLUG! for the past 20 years, he has been contributing to Free as in freedom Software projects.

Portrait photo of Fabio "Desmovalvo"
Fabio "Desmovalvo"

A Salentino with a PhD in computer science & engineering, but above all passionate/fanatic/sick of free as in freedom software, music, photography and so on and so forth ...

Portrait photo of Sara Freddoni
Sara Freddoni

From the Marche region, graduated in Foreign Languages and Cultures, passionate about music, cinema, theater, and above all books. I became passionate about literature when I discovered that it was enough to read it with other points of view to discover that it is actually about us and can be less boring than a sequel to an epic film.

Portrait photo of Stefano Amandonico, founder of grafixprint.it
Stefano Amandonico

Founder of Grafixprint, a company that deals with digital printing, web design and artworks. A professional like few others ... and very nice!