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Projects, to go further

In addition to dedicating ourselves resolutely to our customers, we develop and/or actively participate with the various free as in freedom software development communities to produce and/or improve programs of various kinds, we manage a radio that deals with issues related to the world of software and science and we have a Peertube channel, still under development, on which to share interviews and/or guides of various kinds.

Screenshot of the Unitoo radio based on Azuracast software
The radio dedicated to the software

Engaging in the spread of free as in freedom software starts from the beginning. Why not start from a radio then?

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Official logo license GPLv3
The software we believe in

We support projects concerning free as in freedom software, starting from the BIOS, the heart of every PC up to the distributed content (such as multimedia), trying to sensitize people and companies to the use of free software by eliminating the so-called 'trap' software such as the DRM.

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Screenshot of the Unitoo Peertube channel
The channel dedicated to video content

We have decided to use every means to spread the message of free software and software ethics and for this reason we have set up a Peertube channel where you will find interviews, content dedicated to free software and technical guides.

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