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The Funkwhale project and the fediverse

Taking from an article (with link at the bottom), we can summarize:

Funkwhale.it intends to put streaming back into the hands of Internet users, giving them the tools to upload, share and finance music. A long-term project, of which only the first bricks exist.

The server federation was born in 2017 with the birth of the Fediverse, and with the arrival of Mastodon, it made this model popular.

Funkwhale intends to adapt the federation to listening to music, based on the old Grooveshark, a free music service where Internet users imported their songs.

If, like us, you believe in the importance of a project like this, you can donate something directly to them via cryptocurrencies.

  • Bitcoin: 37SH8mEkvn2kWWmZ6U7rzUBhqtMn1uT87r
  • Monero: 86Kjen6iFCgXzNTMC8txnvLvfEfoEwRq9hESZ4bR7S1MEMDLPnVqJFNAqcpqCnobU3h2DDYRvMQRXUgsF9oUvJRV2S6FYhb
  • Ethereum: 0x46C5b626A77e3f288F1644F0BA3bdffff2d0c4d4