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By definition in the IT field it is clear that security is determined by three main factors:

Confidentiality - Access to sensitive resources and data is allowed only to authorized users

Integrity - System data is protected from loss or modification due to attack or accident

Availability - Availability means the ability to access a data or resource at any time.

In information technology, hardening is the process of securing a system that reduces its vulnerable surfaces.

Reducing the available attack modes typically includes changing default passwords, adding systems two-factor authentication, removing software and/or services, usernames or unnecessary logins.

There are various methods to harden GNU/Linux based systems. This can involve, among other measures, patching the kernel, closing open network ports, adding intrusion detection systems, firewalls, and intrusion prevention systems.

There are also scripts and hardening tools such as Lynis, which can, for example, analyze a system thoroughly and allow you to disable unsolicited functionality in configuration files or perform various other security measures.

I nostri moduli

Module Probe

The Probe Module carries out an automated analysis of the work environment by releasing a report of the vulnerabilities and possible optimizations to be carried out based on the criticalities detected.

Take control with the Probe Module
Module Rover

The Rover Module offers a detailed and specific analysis of all the problems and vulnerabilities of one or more structures to be analyzed, the procedure is not automated and has a higher cost than the Probe Module.

Climb into our Rover for a detailed exploration
Module Defence

The defence modules are the procedures put in place to increase the safety of the environment previously analyzed through the Probe and/or Rover modules.

Request the help of our fleet
Module Grafene

The Graphene Module provides the configuration and installation of the GrapheneOS operating system on a supported device.
This system is designed for individuals seeking a high degree of security and confidential data processing on their mobile device.

Find out more about the benefits of GrapheneOS
Module Monitoring

The monitoring module retrieves any type of data from company services and allows you to view it directly in Grafana. This means you can make the most of your complex and expensive business infrastructures by viewing all data in a simple, effective and personalized way. You can also configure custom notifications that will be redirected to your favorite communication channel.

Find out how to monitor your infrastructure

Here's how to contact us!

Getting information or learning more about our modules is really simple:

1. Contact us to get a free appointment with our technicians
2. Make yourself available in this appointment for a free checklist, perhaps even involving your trusted technician
3. We will then elaborate a personalized resolutive estimate using the information that emerged from the inspection, divided into risk factors (from the most critical to the less serious) or by the needs exposed (services, configurations, requests).

You will therefore be free to evaluate and choose from the Modules proposed, the one you consider to be the best situation for you, always taking into account any risk factors reported.

Finally, you can contact us by sending an email

If you want to experiment with new technologies, you can also contact us in the Fediverse or on the Matrix! Our links in the footer.


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