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Module Grafene

GrapheneOS is an operating system that offers a wide range of functions dedicated to security. It is the result of the research and development of technologies aimed at improving the control of your data (regarding privacy) and increasing security, including substantial improvements to sandboxing (memory and application isolation), exploit mitigation and the authorization model.

It implements technologies to mitigate entire classes of cyber attacks and make exploitation of the most common vulnerabilities significantly more difficult.
Here are some of the main features and improvements to take in consideration when comparing GrapheneOS to a common Android or iOS device:

Here is a more exhaustive list of the functions and protections applied to the system: https://grapheneos.org/features.

The list of supported devices is available at this address: https://grapheneos.org/faq#device-support; moreover, up to 5 years of update and security support are guaranteed (from the release date of the device).

To whom do we recommend this module?

We recommend this module to all those who process sensitive data or who need a high degree of security and confidentiality, we can take as an example: lawyers, journalists, judges, doctors, private investigators, law enforcement, entrepreneurs, bank officials etc...

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3. We will then elaborate a personalized resolutive estimate using the information that emerged from the inspection, divided into risk factors (from the most critical to the less serious) or by the needs exposed (services, configurations, requests).

You will therefore be free to evaluate and choose from the Modules proposed, the one you consider to be the best situation for you, always taking into account any risk factors reported.

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